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Bahamas Archery Federation


Driven by a communal goal to produce exceptional and invigorating training in the art of archery, the Bahamas Archery Federation is simply a non-profit organization which simply wishes to spread the sport of archery throughout the Bahamas. This changes the common dimensions of the average sport in the Bahamas, as Archery is extraordinarily fun, can be learnt easily and can be played by any and everyone! We here at BA seek to bring archery into the lives of the Bahamian people, ultimately pushing archery into the conversation of the Bahamian national sport.

»Our Mission

  • To bring Archery into the Schools of the Bahamas
  • To bring Archery into the conversation of the Bahamian national sport
  • To spread Archery throughout the whole of the Bahamas
  • To offer full certifications to individuals interested in becoming certified archery teachers 
  • To Train individuals in order for Bahamian nationals to qualify for the archery world games and Olympics
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